Silver Gladiator Cuff - Bay & Harbour
Silver Gladiator Cuff - Bay & Harbour
Silver Gladiator Cuff - Bay & Harbour
Bay & Harbour

Silver Gladiator Cuff

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These cuffs combine minimal style and versatility. They are easy to style for work and dress up for the evening. The cuff is available in two finishes: silver & dull-gold.

These cuffs are made by a group of artisans working in the metal trade in India. However the trade has long been plagued with injustice: artisans are paid low wages, forced to pay commissions to exporters, and must self-finance raw materials needed to complete orders. The heritage and tradition of this metal trade is increasingly threatened as insufficient profits force marginalized artisans to seek other professions.

To support these artisans in training, production and marketing their creations in the global market, we are working with an organization in India who is also dedicated to empowering low income artisans to break the cycle of poverty and to preserve the cultural traditions of their region through fair trade practices. With this collaboration, we are ensuring that these artisans have access to regular work/employment, fair wages, education for their children, and future stability for themselves, their families and communities.

Approximate Size - Adjustable
Approximate Width - 3.5 cm

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