Stars & Sky Scarf - Bay & Harbour
Stars & Sky Scarf - Bay & Harbour
Stars & Sky Scarf - Bay & Harbour
Stars & Sky Scarf - Bay & Harbour
Bay & Harbour

Stars & Sky Scarf

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The Stars & Sky Scarf features a very star pattern on a light blue background.

This scarf is made of non-violent eco-friendly silk by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh. Non-violent silk is woven from cocoons from which the moth or butterfly has already crawled or flown away. As a result, the silk worm is not killed with the cocoons as they are processed in hot water prior to being woven on a hand loom through the traditional processing method. The design on the scarf was first sketched with a pencil and then hand painted with a brush, making every piece slightly unique. The colours may slightly vary as each piece is handmade and colours may also not look the same on different computer screens.

This scarf is made by a group of underprivileged women artisans in Bangladesh who have faced many hardships in their lives. To support these artisans in training, production and marketing their creations in the global market, we are working with an organization in Bangladesh who is also dedicated to empowering low income artisans to break the cycle of poverty by creating jobs in handicrafts using locally available environmentally friendly resources. With this collaboration, we are ensuring that these artisans have access to regular work/employment, skills training, fair wages, health services, education for their children, and future stability for themselves, their families and communities.

*Hand wash recommended!

Approximate Size - 60 x 14 in
Colour - Hues of Blue
Texture - Soft & Light Weight

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